Cinematic VR

Innovative software combining 2D 360 video and 3D objects in an immersive virtual environment accessible by high end VR gear.

We invest in R&D process of low-production cost but highly realistic cinematic 360 3D VR videos. Contact us with your individual requests and let's discuss how we can provide you with the most immersive and realistic VR experience. TV series, short-films, enterprise VR video productions, realistic AI live-streaming and many more possibilities are available at Inlusion Netforms


TV and Media industry is moving towards immersive story telling What can be more immersive and access masses then VR? The idea behind this project is to develop unique VR experiences where 360 video footage of real world collides with 3D renders therefore creating one unique mixed world providing unforgettable VR cinema experience.

The production of high end 2D video has its costs on top of the adaptation/capture of such content for VR environments. Therefore we are engaging the problem with our AI and ANN solutions to enable the best cinematic VR experiences to mass audience.

In our case, the innovation lies behind AI and ANN solutions that would make this type of realistic VR content to be produced more easily. We are working on artificial neural network based AI to be able to navigate through different cameras and produce live 360 3D VR video in real-time enabling the user to experience fully immersive VR kinematics.


Cinematic VR is the future of TV entertainment

Cinematic VR is the future of cinema. Some TV and media giants are already adapting episodes of TV series or creating new ones in VR in order to reach new audiences and enhance the overall quality of production-effect. Companies like Google and Facebook are investing in realistic video capture, motion capture, light-field technology based light-maps though a cost-friendly and qualitative solution has not come yet. Our team of R&D professionals play along the industry professionals, but searches for key elements in order to make these experiences available now. We explore the field of virtual reality as well as implement our experimental AI and ANN algorithms to lower the cost of production and still achieve such immersive and realistic experiences.

We have already done couple of in-house experiments regarding a mix of 3D objects and 2D 360 video content in virtual environments at low costs. The Dragon project uses regular 360 video of real environment while on top of that we have implemented a small 3D VR scenario. Viewer appears in the nest of dragon eggs and when eggs are touched - dragon shows up from a far. Showing its full power, the creature flies over the viewer and destroys an innocent cart with a blast of enraged fire-breath. Now, though we aim at maximum realism and tend to say everything in the simulation looks real, the dragon is obviously 3D and we have already mentioned real video environment footage. Question remains - which trees are real and which are 3D? Is the cart real? Were the eggs even there? With this 6DoF 360 3D VR simulation and our experiments in the field we truly question the power of virtual reality experiences together with equipment in order to bring a never-seen innovation.