Smart VR employee assessment instrument

JSC “Inlusion netforms” is implementing a project financed by EU structural funds No. J05-LVPA-K-04-0071 “Smart VR Employee Assessment Instrument”. The total value of the project is 1,473,136.99 EUR, founding - 765,646.63 EUR. The Project is financed by European regional development fund.

VR employee assessment instrument is a multifunctional virtual platform combining numerous latest and future technologies into one single product in order to assess the HR managers in making key decisions in the hire process and keeping track of the well-being of existing employees. Multiplayer, AI and ANN, biometric bracelet, VR with eye-tracking and advanced motion tracking as well as scientific 3D scenarios are what lies behind the project.


The idea behind this project comes from an actual request of a HR agency in order to provide its customers a better carried out solution for employee assessment and evaluation. We did a market research and figured out there are no products available on any market that can provide accurate and objective data-driven assessments of employee psychological behaviour. Therefore we collaborated with scientists from Europe and the United States of America in order to solve out this problem.

A product like such has to apply to numerous different needs. First of all, there is science. We aim to recognise actual psychological behaviour and for that - scientifically proofed VR scenarios has to be created. These scenarios, according to our already done research will be based on certain employee behaviour competences. Secondly - technological integration. We implement latest AI and biometrical data technologies together with VR equipment and set a goal to make it accessible across all the virtual reality platforms altogether.

The key innovation here is the ability to objectively assess employee psychological well-being in the company or a potential employee's competence for a specific job position. Innovation lies in two levels - scientifical and technological. Our scientists together with partnered Universities have a goal to provide the solution according to market needs while our engineers set up technical tasks in order to achieve the technological breakthrough and incorporate all these technologies into one piece of software.


No need for trial period?

Psychologists from various companies are trying to create tools with the help of which the selection of personnel and its evaluation would be more efficient. However, in the process of evaluating both potential and existing employees, the problem of objectivity is often encountered. Personality or behavioral tests usually face a problem of low external reliability, i.e. when the data obtained during the initial testing and re-examination varies. In the evaluation case, the potential worker can infer what kind of behavior / response the evaluator expects from him. Although the questionnaire uses lie scales, it does not assess the reliability of the data, and does not propose a solution in case of lies: the person using the tool (hiring manager or the hiring company) can’t fully evaluate the potential employees competencies. During the interview, even with the use of a behavior-oriented conversation method, it is difficult to avoid the risk of subjectivity.

Inlusion Netforms, in collaboration with organizational psychologists and biomedical engineering scientists from Europe and the United States, seeks to make a breakthrough and develop new evaluation of potential and existing employees methodologies. Using virtual reality and biometric data bracelet, we are creating a product that will allow to conduct virtual employee tests and get comprehensive, objective information about the decisions made by the employee. It is the world's first objective data collecting tool for providing HR and companies' hiring specialists with suggestions and advice from artificial intelligence.