INCA – virtual conference room

INCA - virtual conference room is a universal application for virtual meetings, marketing, educational seminars and presentations.

By using the newest technologies of body position and movements, the application teleports its user into the virtual environment where as an avatar he can interact with other users and various objects. This application, meant for enhanced international work and marketing experiences incorporates all the already familiar tools of working as well as adds up 3D VR instruments.

The Project

The idea of the project lies behind our company's experience in numerous industrial, educational and cultural VR projects as well as actual request from enterprises for a multi-instrument of virtual communication and marketing. This product does not only save travel and communication resource money, but increases the fidelity of communication and product presentation.

Speed is one of the bigger advantages of what the product can offer. Working in digital environment 3D models of product can be examined and discussed by colleagues siting far apart from each other in reality. Fidelity is another key element of this product, incorporating qualitative 3D models of company's products, educational simulations possible to incorporate and many more.

True innovation of the product lies behind the Artificially crafted Avatars - human figures in virtual environment meant to represent real users. Our solution uses simple yet carefully crafted AI system that works based on artificial neural networks (ANN) to recognise human appearance in virtual world and translate the body and face expressions in the most realistic way possible.

Development time: 5 months
Integration time: up to 1 month
Engine: Unreal (UE4)
Platform: PC + HTC Vive, Oculus
Visual style: realism
Language: EN (multi-language option available)
Target audience: mid-level and big companies
Stage: ready product

01- Research & development

INCA - the first complete virtual working space for enterprise

INCA is a multi-functional workspace in virtual reality for meetings, public as well as educational events, virtual seminars, etc.
The software product includes a number of unique technologies that allow to make communication and work operations as realistic as possible without requiring physical presence. Adding new mechanics to interactions with the real world from virtual reality, modeling workflow and the ability to copy, save and disseminate information. INCA has all the main work instruments already used today and has the possibility to add up VR 3D content upon individual requests.
While creating the instrument we have used numerous sketches and structure of nowadays office work habits and environments to R&D sketches in future mobile office.

To better understand how the system works, read the following:
- Connection to the system is accomplished with VR equipment and personal computer
- ID confirmation process occurs by face scanning
- The user is presented as a digital avatar in the virtual world
- The hardware equipment tracks user’s movements and transfers them to the virtual world
- Conversations are recorded by our custom-made AI solution and sent via email to all the participants automatically
- All the objects are interactive while 3D models in the virtual environment can be taken and thoroughly examined

03- Maintenance

Update v.2.0

With the upcoming update v.2.0 we will integrate even more advanced solutions. Here is the overview:
- fast and easy face 3D scan solution accessible from a separate app (iOS and Android)
- enhanced overall visual quality
- AI avatar face tracking: eyes, lip-sync
- more emotion expressions
- full integration of mobile-tablet calls to VR and vice versa
- various updates and improvements of business instruments and 3D product presentation
- 3D product presentation creation tool