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Fields of use

Industries that already use VR

Our products

Our software development professionals can bring to life educational project of any scale and complexity to unleash the power of digital learning and deliver new models of teaching.

Architecture and interior design

The simulator for architects and interior designers has two major parts to cover. At one point, it shows the possibility of a live building presentation while it’s still only in plans as well as provides a possible mistake prediction. On the other hand, it allows interior designers to start their work prior to the building’s finish in reality.

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Art gallery

The virtual gallery gives you the future perspective of galleries, monument recreation and interactive user engagement. It also shows a different and more engaging perception of art, experienced live via most innovative technology.

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Electricity distribution networks

This simulator shows the possibility to train employees working in the distribution industry. Changeable environments, interactive tasks and one’s overall evaluation of his/her own training are the key elements to progressive training experience we provide.

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Language training

This simulator gives you the opportunity to learn any language in the most interesting way today. Not only that you learn faster and more efficiently, you get to experience the foreign language.

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Powerful way of learning

A person perceives only a certain amount of received information


Products & Services

Innovative technologies for your business sphere

Monument recreation

Our research skills and owned technologies let us once again relive the moments of the past while stepping on what does not exist anymore.

Virtual tours

Real estate, architects, travelers – we offer you to immerse yourself into the places you have always wanted to explore or could not even imagine being explored in such a way.

VR/AR/MR simulators

This is the next level of gaining experience. Not only that we eliminate the usual risks of training, but also provide a higher enduring value.

Game production

Gamification has always been a tool to learn. That is why we provide staff training, entertaining based, product-presenting and other various types of games.

Why do you need VR?

Technologies are rapidly changing. What seemed impossible at one time, became a tool later on with the new inventions. Phones, computers, projectors and other innovations contributed to education and business all-together. Now, we are at the time when Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming the key innovation spreading across various platforms, providing unique solutions to businesses. This is the ultimate advantage of your industry that your company can get today in terms of local and international PR, effectiveness, profit and future perspective.