What is VR?

It’s a space of limitless possibilities created by means of technical tools and computer graphics. Here, people are able to feel the state, close to the real one. One’s interaction with objects is based on all the usual laws of physics.

Is it hard to use?

No. The VR set contains the headset that you put on like a pair of glasses, two controllers and a few stations to track your movement in virtual world.

How can I move in VR?

You can interact with the digital environment while seated, standing or even walking in spare room at a minimum size from 1,2х2 m to 4х4 m.

What is VR training simulator?

It’s a digital training programme, created for employees of various industries to increase their skills in particular tasks.

What will I need to use the VR training simulator?

To be able to use our simulators, you will need a VR-ready computer as well as the VR set.

What benefits do I get?

As a company, you save money on training materials, equipment, rents, etc. You also fully manage the training process and have the programme support which means your trainings will be the highest quality and go hand in hand to modern needs. As a trainee, you are experiencing the training, not just being instructed of how it should be done. This leads to better gain of skills, use qualitative and modern approach and better overall results.

What are the downsides of the VR technology?

Hard to believe but there aren’t any! The only thing worth mentioning would be the progress of technology itself (your equipment will eventually get older). This does not mean you will not be able to use it at some point and our simulators will always support whichever version of the VR set you have.

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