EMS VR training

Top quality sportsmen training enhanced with virtual reality. Immersive training is using your own mind to fulfil training potential.

The system combines a VR headset and EMS suit with a training and rehabilitation program. VR simulator stimulates the user to engage in sports longer and more often, reduces the feeling of fatigue and discomfort, provides training pleasure and motivation.

The Project

During training classes, the user will not appear in a gym, but will experience an exciting new world, in which he collects prizes through physical exercises, overcomes obstacles and travels.

- Immersive individual environment synchronised with real life EMS suit
- Highly increased motivation due to score system, healthy competition, change of environment
- Easy to use with or without actual person trainer
- Longer lasting exercise effect connected to positive training thinking

Development time: 2 months
Engine: Unity / Unreal (UE4)
Platform: PC + HTC Vive, Oculus OR standalone HTC Vive Focus
Setting: Customisable (gym,
Visual style: futuristic
Language: multi (ENG/RU)
Age: 18+
Stage: demo BETA

01- Research & Development

Perfect the way you perform

With a team of performance and immersive technology experts, we know what it takes for an athlete to actually improve and we are dedicated to making that happen. We are ambitious in our vision, but determined to make it a reality.
Studies have shown that people psychologically react to an immersive environment the same way that they would react in reality. Inlusion Netforms harnesses this power to give players the opportunity to practice key skills, like decision-making, giving them the practice they need.
People dedicate years and years of their life to achieve their fit or professional sport aims. To do that they need to perform at the highest level when it matters most. But real life trainings are limited due to all sorts of factors including rules, physical toll on bodies, and weather.
There is now a solution to this problem.

In order to solve the mentioned, we have researched the industry and created a unique VR software that synchronises with EMS suits. With our EMS VR simulators, users can train anytime, anywhere. Immersive VR environment in conjunction with effective EMS trainings will accelerate the effectiveness of each and every sport activity. Instead of running in a gym, you can be running in the mountains or forest, doing sit-ups will require to avoid incoming digital orbs while standing on a track in outer space and many more. Special training programs contain exercises for different muscle groups, visualization of performing techniques ensures user’s accuracy while impulses sent by electrodes balance out the muscular system.

03- Maintenance

Future updates - virtual gym

Having the first product ready, we are working on more customised solutions that would enable users to choose their own preferences regarding environment and game-mode of training. We are implementing AI and ANN solutions that would automatically adjust according to player's progress and therefore make the experience really challenging.