Architecture and interior design

The simulator for architects and interior designers has two major parts to cover. At one point, it shows the possibility of a live building presentation while it’s still only in plans as well as provides a possible mistake prediction. On the other hand, it allows interior designers to start their work prior to the building’s finish in reality.


Architects and interior designers are finally able to use the advanced technology of VR to boost up their productivity and visualize their work with a revolutionary technology.
Target audience: architects, interior designers, construction companies, students.

The project was initiated by our company to showcase the possibility of next level plan visualizations and drawing for architects, ability to design interiors prior to the built buildings and demonstrate how 3D drone scan can help construction companies integrated together with VR solutions.

This and similar simulators can be used for 3D areal scanning and environment/construction site evaluation. It can also provide constant surveillance of buildings’ built progress as well as frame by frame comparison of accurately used materials. Architects can draw plans and realize them by walking amongst the corridors of their to-be-buildings right away. Meanwhile designers are able to make all the choices and provide real-time visuals while building is still in plans.

Development time: 3 months
Engine: Unity/Unreal
Platform: PC + HTC Vive
Setting: Nowadays
Visual style: realism
Language: multi (ENG/RU/LT)
Age: 12+
Stage: demo beta

01- Research

A revolutionary solution for construction industry

There are many positive aspects that VR brings to different industries, construction being one of the spheres where the technology can improve work processes from scratch. Finding this out, we have started with the different ideas how we could help this business. Consulting with some of the top players and investigating the smaller areas of use in-depth our R&D team came up with carefully crafted plan of solutions we now provide to save money, time and increase production quality for construction companies and individual architects, designers.

To showcase what is possible to achieve by implementing 3D scan and Virtual Reality solutions, we have prepared a number of scenarios all-in-one simulator that can be easily adjusted according to individual needs of every

02- Development

From plain field to stunning architecture

First of all, using 3D scan technology our drone pilots were able to catch the landscape of a real place that later transformed into 3D model and used for our realistic environment. Later we integrated some handmade skyscrapers done according to real drawings of an architect. We have constructed a small 5 store building part by part to visualize how the process of construction can be easily overseen and monitored. Furthermore, we have incorporated an actual apartment inside one of the houses which has fully customizable room for interior designers.

03- Maintenance

Faster and more secure building process, ultimate visualizations and amazed clients

With some of the recent updates we have added even more content to showcase how VR can train construction workers, highly adjust the process of urban planning and fascinate users by stunning visuals. The electric worker in construction zone update is all about training an individual on how to carry out particular electrician tasks in order to fix and complete the electricity system of the newly built residential house. All the necessary tools and their descriptions are being provided in our advanced version of user interface. Virtual Reality is all about comfortable and realistic training experience so this is exactly what we focus on using the latest HTC Vive virtual reality kit. We have also scanned a couple of real life cities and moved them first into digital models, then into virtual reality environments to provide most realistic and comfortable urban planning options for planning of new facilities. This includes measuring the best suitable place within the land for the most strategic building placement, monitoring the building process with online live database of constantly made construction site pictures by our programmed drone.