Art gallery

Virtual gallery gives you the future perspective of galleries, monument recreation and interactive tourist engagement. It also shows a different and more engaging perception of art, experienced live via most innovative technology.


This simulator lets one visit a realistic gallery with real paintings from a couple of different famous artists. Visitor can not only walk in the gallery and examine the paintings or sculptures as it would be done in real life, but also step inside some of the famous paintings and walk 360 degrees around.
Target audience: museums and galleries, tourism agencies, libraries, students.

This project was initiated by our company to show the VR capabilities for tourism, culture and education. Building a virtual museum with the help of 3D scan and VR technologies, we have invented a more immersive approach to art pieces for education and tourism.

Simulator is used in real museums, modern and traditional galleries, booths at tourism agencies or even in a form of online viewer.

Development time: 2 months
Engine: Unity / Unreal
Platform: PC + HTC Vive
Setting: Nowadays
Visual style: realism
Language: multi (ENG/RU/LT)
Age: 12+
Stage: final product


To preserve and to engage

When we have first thought about the possibility to enter the painting – it seemed crazy. This is why took the job. We accepted the challenge and started with a research for project that aimed to create a virtual gallery which people could not only access from any part of the world, but also to interact with art in the most unique way possible. Our research process mainly focused on the problems that galleries and museums face today. We found out that there is a big lack of interaction between the user and the art piece. Especially when the talk is going about traditional museums and the artefacts they preserve. Moreover, mentioning preservation, couple of incidents around the world in the past few years have shown that relics placed on exhibition are hard to preserve without any harm. Therefore the question of precise preservation method occured as well as the option for comparing the relic once it was found to the one after a few decades of intensive exhibition. We have also confronted with additional aspects such as the lack of renovation in some of the older galleries as well as not intriguing presentation of art information. While examining the use cases and closely talking with various galleries and museums across the Europe we come up with couple of possible solutions for the era of modern galleries. Not only we implemented the possibility to recreate the exact building of a gallery standing somewhere in a small town of Spain called Figueres, but also to create a brand new engaging gallery environments for exposing the art. After all the place was decided, we implemented our 3D scan technology and used it for monument preservation as well as placement in virtual reality – a place where it would stand on exhibition forever.


Building the virtual museum

The development process for this particular project started with a precise level design of the gallery building. In order to create a truly unique experience we have chosen to produce our own design of a virtual gallery. Therefore, modern environments were chosen as well as stunning outside mountain views. After the real paintings were put in places, we recreated some of them to provide the possibility to enter the painting. Yes, in our simulator one can step inside the creation of a famous artist with a touch of a hand. Next thing you see is the painting all around you, possible to explore like a real life place (6DoF).


A gallery accessible to the whole world

Future updates are coming to our gallery as we are implementing multiplayer option for many people to be able to visit the gallery at once and actually interact with each other – explore the paintings together, find new perspectives of the familiar art. Later on, we also plan to make all of the painting accessible for full freedom exploration and adding more 3D scanned objects that would likewise be preserved in our virtual reality platform. Visual and audio information about the objects that only appear when you come closer, fully recreated 360 degree environments of well-known paintings, massive library of cultural heritage and unique introductions to the age of art being visited – all this and more individual choices are becoming available with our VR solutions.